This is no ordinary love

                              This is no ordinary love

Tensions mounts when Khadija, a Muslim-American high school track runner falls for Terrance, an All-American football player, setting the stage for a dramatic ending during the high school championship   in Queens, New York.

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a film by andre fuad degas


Khadija, a Muslim-American high school middle-distance runner, has set her heart and mind on winning a university scholarship. Having failed to run fast enough to save her younger brother from a tragic bus accident, Khadija now seeks to redeem herself through running. When Khadija falls in love with Terrence,  an All-American highschool football player, both families bitterly oppose the relationship. 
Khadija’s father, Rafik sets her up with "a nice Egyptian boy", Omar. Omar and Khadija are an ideal match. Khadijah goes along because she wants her families' support in her athletic endeavors.  But a bitter rivalry grows into violence between Omar and Terrence and their subsequent friends. During Khadija’s birthday party Terrance attempts to ask the family for a western style date with Khadija. They reject him but he presists in helping her find her true calling, sprinting. Finally an empowered Khadija comes into her own womanhood and demands independence from Omar and the freedom to pursue her track and field dream without conditions. She convinces the coach to use her in the final East Coast Championship as a sprinter. On the day before the high school athletics championship meet, Khadija receives a threatening letter that puts not only her life, but also the lives of everyone in the stadium at risk. Is it the rejected Omar or Terrence's friend Ralph that is behind the poisonous letter?  Khadija must decide between giving up her long awaited opportunity to race for a scholarship and risking the lives of innocent spectators and friends. An explosive ending shows  Khadija and Terrence's heroism and that love will always overcome hate, in life as in death.





Andre F. Degas wrote directed a diverse array of films over the past 20 years. His first film, “First Coda, ”based on a short story by Samuel Beckett entitled “First Love,” screened at several European film festivals, and toured with a slate of American Art House film makers, including Amos Poe and Jim Jarmusch. Degas’s first feature-length film, “American Autobahn,” a road movie about a German journalist looking to escape his dangerous and turbulent life in the New York City’s underworld, it was distributed by Sony Software and Films Around The World. “ConditionRed,” a prison drama starring James Russo, Cynda Williams and Paul Calderon, was written and co- produced by Degas was distributed by The Overseas film group and played on Cinemax the US.



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